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Track List

01. Bonus – Five Free and Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business


02. Session 1: Star Ladin, Marketing strategist, Branding expert, Artist, Millionaire mommy, Los Angeles, USA.

Designing success on your terms – how to create a connection with your brilliance and use this to define success that reflects your highest values


03. Session 2: Dr Patty Ann Tublin, USA

Balancing Baby, Business and Bedroom. PLUS – how to get your partner to support your business and career choices

1hr 5min

04. Session 3: Standolyn Robertson – Professional Organiser, New England, USA

From Chaos to Calm – easy ways to manage your time and space so you can achieve more, focus better and have more energy and time for your family and your business

1hr 2min

05. Session 4 Dianne Merriweather & Gina Lowinger – Melbourne

Career, kids and care – who can you trust to care for your most precious possession and what you MUST ask when choosing the best care for your child.

1hr 36min

06. Session 5: Dr Alison Barrett, specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist and lactation consultant

Baby, Breast Pump and Briefcase: You want to give your baby the best and that includes breastfeeding but how do you maintain this special relationship with your baby when you know you have to be separated from him for most of the day. What if you have irregular working hours? How do you keep up an adequate milk supply? What about sleep deprivation, exhaustion and gaining support in your workplace?

1hr 1min

07. Session 6: Anita Lincolne-Lomax & Katherine Beaumont

Business with babies on board: Two inspiring Aussie business mums will share their individual stories of creating and managing their own businesses to fit around nurturing babies and small children in a very ‘hands on’ style.

1hr 12min

Join Pinky McKay, best-selling baby care author, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor and ‘Mummy Mentor’ on this ground-breaking tele-series as she interviews a ‘Who’s Who’ of internationally successful entrepreneurs and professional women who are all mothers walking the talk of ‘Family First’ as their highest value.

This teleseminar series is for you if:

You are sick of treating your business or career like a hobby that fits around everyone else’s needs but you feel confused and anxious how you can ever get ahead – without breaking down, blowing the family budget or bowing out altogether.

You would love to share your career and business goals with your partner but right now, they just see you as taking time and attention away from them and the kids. And, as for spending money on study, training courses or business development – you daren’t share what you are planning because you know that will only create more stress!

You know you have a brilliant gift to share with the world and you feel a sense of responsibility to ‘get it out there’ but you aren’t sure about the best (and easiest) way to do this so you CAN have it all with joy, love and abundance, without compromising your career and business goals or your baby’s needs.’

It can be daunting to have to juggle and justify between family needs and your own drive for success (to yourself as well as others), especially when it seems that you are making all the sacrifices. It can be equally frustrating to explain to people who do offer support for your business or career goals but don’t understand that your highest value is ‘family first’ and in practice, this means prioritising your family because if it doesn’t work for them, it won’t be sustainable for you.

If you have chosen to parent in a very ‘hands on ‘ way – to breastfeed, to minimise separations from your child until YOU feel they are ready and to ‘be there’ with energy and presence as your children grow, it can be almost impossible to find support and role models who can show you how to combine this conscious style of parenting with career and business success.