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These acclaimed international experts will show you how to:

  • get breastfeeding off to the very best start – in the first minutes, hours and days after birth, so you can ignore conflicting advice and breastfeed with confidence – right from the start!
  • establish and maintain an abundant milk supply, so you won’t have to ever worry, ‘is my baby getting enough?’ or ‘am I losing my milk?’
  • how to breastfeed painlessly and avoid challenges such as mastitis or sore nipples, so you can relax and enjoy your baby without anxiety and dread that every feed will hurt you (again!).
  • understand about colic, reflux, lactose intolerance dairy protein allergies and common diagnoses of baby pains as well as how to adapt breastfeeding and care so you can soothe your unsettled, irritable baby without weaning prematurely.
  • Nurture and nourish your baby at the breast beyond six months (and into toddler-hood if you like), so you can avoid inappropriate advice that may compromise your baby’s health and undermine your commitment to continuing breastfeeding as long as you want to.
  • How to wean gradually, with love, because such a precious connection deserves to be ended gently, without tears for you or your child.