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  • You didn’t hold up the flashcard saying, “you are being born!”
  • Your 3 month old doesn’t have a curriculum beyond playtime and cuddles?
  • Are you wondering…is this one more thing I should be feeling guilty about?

If you would you like to learn amazing secrets about early nurturing that will have lifelong benefits to your baby’s development – without feeling overcome by guilt and stress or having to create a whole new lifestyle, you will love the recordings of this ground-breaking tele-seminar series featuring interviews with internationally acclaimed experts. Each expert explains the revolutionary research in their specialised field of early development and how you can apply this information to create the best possible environment to help your baby thrive and achieve his or her incredible physical, social, emotional and neurological potential – from the very beginning!

These interviews are suitable for parents who are expecting a baby (so you can create an optimum environment to welcome your precious baby) to parents of toddlers. They are also useful for health professionals who work with parents and babies.

NEW!! Special Bonus!!

When you purchase this amazing series of interviews, you will also receive the transcripts.

This means that as well as being able to listen to this brilliant information, you will also be able to read the written version of the interviews. Now, if you want to check anything you don’t have to listen to the whole call – you can flick through the pages, mark them with a highlighter if you want, and find the advice that is relevant to you and your situation RIGHT NOW!

You can download the recordings and listen again and again as your baby grows. Or you can read over the transcripts and find what is relevant to you right now – as well as what to expect as your baby grows..

What will you learn?

These recordings are interviews with an absolute “Who’s Who” of international speakers who have specialist expertise in health and child development with a particular interest in social, emotional, neurological and physical development. All speakers are committed to supporting the parent-child relationship as a vital ingredient to infant well-being. They will show you how every loving interaction between you and your baby creates new learning pathways in your baby’s brain and how you can enhance this amazing development.

Best of all, not only will you be armed with the theory to support your parenting choices, you will also discover a plethora of practical strategies that you can implement and enjoy with your baby -right now!

This groundbreaking series will help you:

  • Enjoy loving interactions with your baby that will enhance bonding and attachment. This is the cornerstone for good mental and emotional health throughout life
  • Discover how early environment can shape your baby’s brain for life-long learning – and how you can create this environment, simply, effectively and without extra expense, right now in your own home.
  • Unleash your power as your baby’s first teacher and feel truly confident that your responsive nurturing will help him achieve his brilliant potential – emotionally, physically, socially and neurologically.
  • Watch your baby thrive, with joy!

Each recording features a single expert being interviewed on their main topic of expertise. In these interviews I asked each professional (individually) to explain how you can support your baby’s development through the most appropriate care and interactions for each stage, from pregnancy through infancy.