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Do you feel guilty about taking time out to nurture yourself?

Feel so stressed and exhausted, you wonder how you could possibly get off the work/life treadmill to find time for YOU, let alone your partner relationship?

Are you often confused by conflicting advice and find yourself thinking that ‘mothers’ intuition’ is some myth created to make you feel even more guilty and incompetent? RELAX!

It’s time to stop beating up on yourself and making comparisons with other mothers who seem to ‘have it all together.’ (I can assure you, they don’t!)

Instead, why not invest in yourself (you are worth it!) and learn some simple but powerful strategies to manage stress, prevent burnout, improve your relationship, help you unlock your intuition and, most of all, ENJOY being a mother?’

What will you learn?

I am so proud to be able to introduce these highly regarded professionals who are all recognised experts in their respective fields. In this five week seminar series, I will be interviewing these brilliant women who are all mothers themselves, so their advice is hard earned and relevant, as well as clinically proven and evidence based.

Each expert will share the latest research as well as processes and practical strategies that you can implement right now to make mothering easier.

Each call features a single expert being interviewed on their main topic of expertise. I will ask them (individually) the nitty gritty questions that are often unspoken by mothers for fear of embarrassment or perhaps feelings of guilt that you are the only one who feels like this. I will also be asking what mothers can do to improve their situations, their skills and how to set up support systems that are so important for your wellbeing and, subsequently, that of your family.

This information is rarely available all at once, in one place. And if it were, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars to hear speakers with this breadth of expertise.

Please note: this teleseminar series is relevant for professionals who work with mothers as well as mothers themselves.

The experts are: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Betty Chetcuti, Joanna Garzilli, Chloe Lorbach, Dr Patty Ann Tublin and Chloe Lorbach.