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This is where I can help you – gentle, non judgemental support and simple practical strategies can make a huge difference to your experience. Instead of second guessing yourself at every new milestone, you can relax and delight in your baby, just the way she is right now.

“The confidence your wisdom instils in new Mums is parenting gold and has enhanced my abilities as a Mum and my happy, giggly, fun loving and cuddle giving son is all the proof I need show certain people “Thanks, but no thanks for your ‘well meaning’ advice” – Naomi

This intensive twelve session recorded series has been specifically designed to boost your confidence, support you as you adapt to the awesome role of being a mother and bring you the latest, evidence based information so you can make the best choices to help your baby thrive.

The Parenting By Heart Mummy Mentor Program is for parents who have a baby from newborn to twelve months.

  • A structured program. You receive 12 recordings to support and inform you about your baby’s development, feeding, sleeping and gentle care for the first year so you will have one trustworthy source of information. This carefully structured program includes:
  • Systems and checklists to help you plan and manage your days with a baby from newborn through each stage of development in the first year so that you can feel confident and in charge, even when your baby’s patterns change as he achieves new milestones;
  • What to expect at each stage with regards to sleeping, feeding, playing and learning and how this can vary between individual babies so you know you haven’t ‘done something wrong’ if your baby isn’t a ‘textbook’ baby;
  • Practical strategies and ‘shortcuts’ that will make your life easier without compromising your baby’s wellbeing. SHHH! You will be able to ‘keep up appearances’ even when you are under pressure and nobody will guess how you seem so brilliant at juggling baby and the ‘balls’ that life throws at you;
  • Suggestions to balance your wellbeing and lifestyle with your baby’s needs, because when you are feel happy and balanced, you will find it easy to feel loving and patient and to ENJOY being the mother you want to be!

This information is provided through a series of twelve sequential one hour recordings that you can start listening to, at your leisure, until you have completed the program.