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* Are you obsessed about your baby’s sleep?

* Do you feel ‘weak’ because you can’t bear to leave your baby to cry himself to sleep?

* Would you like to relax more and enjoy being a parent? Babies need their sleep, but sometimes it seems like the hardest thing in the world to get them to drift off.

Parenting expert Pinky McKay argues that controlled crying and other current trends are restrictive and can add to the stress faced by parents. A more natural, intuitive approach to settling your child, Sleeping Like a Baby will help you understand normal infant sleep at each stage of development, from birth to three years.

Pinky will teach you to:

  • Create a safe sleeping environment;
  • Help your baby sleep naturally, without resorting to ‘cry it out’ regimes;
  • Read your baby’s body language so that learning to sleep becomes a stress-free process for parent and child;
  • Feed infants to encourage sleep;
  • Assist your baby’s sleep with natural aids such as massage and music, and meditation for toddlers;
  • Gently change any ‘habit’ gradually, with love, when you and your baby are ready and;
  • Ignore the pressure to implement ‘one size fits all’ baby management routines and feel confident that YOU are the expert about YOUR baby’s sleep needs.

Sleeping Like a Baby is a must-read for stress-free, guilt-free parenting and offers down-to-earth and heartening advice on helping babies (and their parents) to sleep better.

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