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A ground-breaking tele-seminar series featuring interviews with a highly qualified team of professionals who are all experts in specialised areas of early childhood.

“Terrific Toddlers – how to make your toddler smarter, happier and more co-operative as you set foundations for learning, literacy and loving life!”

Do you want to learn….

  • amazing secrets about early nurturing that will have lifelong benefits to your toddler’s development?
  • simple strategies that you can implement easily and effortlessly, just by tweaking your everyday care – no fancy equipment, no stressful curriculum – that will set your littlie up for later literacy and learning?
  • How to spend less time agonising over your child’s development ( what should he be doing now?), and more time enjoying him, so that living and learning is fun for you both?
  • How to have a bright, healthy, happy toddler who is a pleasure to be around (most of the time)?

This important tele-series has been especially created to take away the anxiety of nurturing a terrific toddler so you and your ‘little rascal’ can really enjoy each other. The truth is, you ARE enough for your child – you are his best teacher and his most important role model!

The five session program features a team of acclaimed early childhood professionals who will each explain the revolutionary research in their specialised field of early development and how you can apply this information to create the best possible environment to help your child thrive, as you set the foundations for later literacy and learning.

By skilling up, through the information and techniques that the professionals on our calls will be sharing, you will have direction and focus, as well as confidence in your own ability to provide everything your child needs at this critical stage of development. You won’t need to ‘second guess’ yourself and worry, am I doing all I can to support my child’s learning? Or, can I give him enough right here, at home, without buying all the latest ‘educational’ products? What should he be eating? Learning? Doing – that is best for him, RIGHT NOW?