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This recording series is for you if you want to….

Enjoy this fleetingly precious time, knowing with confidence that you are giving your baby the very best beginning – because you have helped him develop the brain connections and chemistry that are vital foundations for optimum mental and emotional health – his ‘happiness’ factor?

Create a strong bond, and a foundation for future healthy relationships, while making parenting fun and easy RIGHT NOW!?

See your own confidence soar, knowing you can trust your baby’s communication and the amazing connection between you and your child, and that YOU are the expert about YOUR baby?

Bright from the Start – wiring and firing your baby’s brain, from birth

Dr Nils Bergman, Consulting Public Health Physician and Research Associate, (Neonatal / Kangaroo Mother Care Researcher), Cape Town, South Africa

Why birth is a *critical period*

How the earliest sensations fire essential brain pathways, both in the baby and the mother.

How you can naturally and easily provide the first sensations to make baby brains work well.

Setting the ‘thermostat’ for optimal mental and emotional health.

The Critical importance of Skin to Skin Contact (STSC)

When birth isn’t optimal – how can you ensure your baby has the best start (prems/early separation)?

Wiring Baby Brains for Trust, Love and Happiness

Dr Darcia Narvaez, Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA.

Your physical presence – how it impacts your baby’s happiness, growth and development

Your emotional presence – the amazing connection between your mind and your baby’s developing brain. Which interactions matter most and why?

Baby Led Nurturing – what does this mean? How do you ‘let go’ and trust your baby’s lead when there is such pressure to ‘manage’ your baby?

Breastfeeding – why is it vital for health, happiness and higher intelligence? And what can you do if you aren’t breastfeeding?

Why raising children requires positive social support for mom, baby and family

Brand New and Blue?

Dr Campbell Paul, Consultant Infant and Child Psychiatrist at the Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne and Honorary Principal Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne.

Creating an optimal environment for secure attachment, emotional development and future mental health.

How popular baby care practices can impact infant mental health and parent/ infant attachment.

Restoring trust after trauma – if your baby has been ill, had painful medical treatments, if you have been unwell with depression, or if you have done early baby training, learn what you can do now to strengthen the bonds and make your baby feel safe and happy.

BabyCalming – The Secrets of the Fourth Trimester

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Founder and Director, Baby Calm, UK (

How babies are born too soon compared to other species, leaving them neurologically disadvantaged

How you can help to transition your baby from womb to world

Understanding and working with your newborn’s sleep patterns

What colic is – and what it isn’t, and how to soothe it

Understand the limitations and safety issues surrounding common BabyCalming techniques