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Are you…

• Obsessed about your baby’s sleep?
• Feeling torn between your head and your heart about conflicting infant sleep information and wondering, “who do I trust?”
•Wondering when will my baby “sleep through” (whatever that means, depending on where the advice is coming from)? Self-settle? Get into a routine? What is normal? What is safe?

Would you like to…

• Relax and enjoy your baby instead of spending so much time trying to get her to sleep?
• Create your own gentle, personalised sleep plan so your baby and you can sleep soundly – without tears (for either of you)?

NEW EVIDENCE shows that some popular approaches to “teaching babies to sleep” may ..

• cause long term adverse changes to a baby’s developing brain;
• have detrimental effects on parent-infant attachment (the basis for your baby’s emotional well-being);
• and may also negatively affect the normal physiology of breastfeeding, resulting in premature weaning.

Our panel of leading international baby sleep experts will explain this evidence and why gentle options to encourage sleep and settling are better for your baby right now and in the longer term.

They will also show you how you can create a safe, gentle environment for sound infant sleep and offer practical strategies so that your baby (and you) get more sleep without stress or tears (for either of you!).

What will you learn?

This series of tele-seminars includes four one hour calls/webcasts with leading international experts in the science and practice of infant sleep. All are “in demand” keynote speakers at seminars for health professionals; all are absolutely opposed to practices such as “controlled crying” and “cry it out” infant sleep training programs. Best of all, as well as being internationally acclaimed experts in infant sleep, all of the tele-seminar guests are mothers themselves. This means that as well as evidence based information and practical strategies for night time parenting, they also understand the stresses of being “on call” to meet the unrelenting needs of a real live baby (as opposed to a “text book, cookie cutter” dream child).

The experts are:

Beth Macgregor – “Sleep, Love and Baby Brains”

Beth McGregor is a Sydney-based psychologist (and mother) specialising in infant mental health and co-author of “Helping Your Baby to Sleep – Why Gentle Techniques are Best” (Published in Australia and the US – available on Amazon).

Professor Helen Ball, BSc, MA, PhD – “Babies, Bed-Sharing and Safe Infant Sleep”

Professor Helen Ball is the Professor of Anthropology, Director of Postgraduate Studies and Sleep Lab director at Durham University, UK.

Her current research involves behavioural and physiological investigations of infant and child sleep – particularly of co-sleeping parents and infants from an evolutionary perspective, and the effect of sleep on child obesity. Helen conducts research in various local hospitals and the community, and contributes to national and international policy and practice guidelines in infant care.

Dr. Kathleen Kendall Tackett – “Breastfeeding, Night Time Parenting and Postnatal Depression”

Dr. Kendall Tackett is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Amarillo, Texas, and Acquisitions Editor for Hale Publishing. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association in both the Divisions of Health and Trauma Psychology, and is Associate Editor of the journal Psychological Trauma.

Elizabeth Pantley – “No Cry Sleep Solutions”

Parenting educator Elizabeth Pantley is the author of eight popular parenting books available in 18 languages. These include the best – selling “No Cry Sleep Solution” and she was a contributing author to “The Successful Child” with Dr. William and Martha Sears.