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However you want to wean, the mantra to remember is ‘gradually, with love’. You have given your baby a gentle beginning with sweet warm milk and the comfort of being held close to your heartbeat. Whether you are introducing other foods, weaning from breast or bottle, night weaning, weaning to become pregnant or weaning to return to work (you can combine breast-pump and briefcase!), it is ideal to make these changes as gently and respectfully as possible. This way, you and your baby will adapt to the changes and move happily to the next stage.

As a lactation consultant, I am aware that sometimes weaning gradually will not be an option. If for instance, you have to wean abruptly for medical reasons, I address how you can do this safely and positively as possible, for your baby and yourself, as well as what questions to ask to make sure complete weaning is really necessary or perhaps a temporary situation.

Because weaning involves two people – you and your baby – I show you how to take care of yourself physically and emotionally as this very special relationship comes to an end.

Throughout this ebook you will also find links to helpful resources, from further reading and articles by other health professionals, to recorded interviews with professionals who specialise in aspects of infant feeding. These recordings are exclusive to my clients and members of my Mummy Mentor program but I want to gift them to you because informed parents make informed choices and you obviously want to make the best choices on behalf of your baby.

Weaning with love’ will help make weaning a gentle, loving experience as you move from exclusively breastfeeding to introducing family foods and beyond. We have also included some fuss-free food suggestions and recipes for foods that your older baby or toddler will enjoy feeding himself.

Enjoy breastfeeding, enjoy watching your baby grow and enjoy the precious moments as the seasons change from newborn to toddler, breastfeeding and beyond.